Oil & gas

RS Global connects you with leading suppliers in the oil & gas industry. We work with international partners and suppliers to help our customers with field development, topside, subsea, exploration, drilling, rig services and LNG development. Our expert advisors will assist our customers with governing procedures, management advisory, risk management and HSEQ procedures.

In partnership with our suppliers we deliver services within field development, increased oil recovery (IOR), well planning, well engineering, rig services, drilling services and equipment. Our projects span from concept design, to life cycle development of their assets, to decommissioning.

Renewable energy

RS Global work with international partners within Solar Plants, Wind Projects and the supply of clean water. Together with our business suppliers and partners RS Global facilitates the development, construction and operation of renewable energy projects.

Our vision is to work to reduce the carbon footprint and provide cost-effective clean, sustainable and reliable energy solutions.


RS Global work together with international partners with a vision of building a more sustainable world. Contributing to the UN’s sustainable development goals makes sense from an ethical perspective as well as good business.

Our partners work with project planning and construction of urban design and development, transport, buildings, rail systems, road & motorway, ports and marine.

We work with utilization of the natural resources building infrastructure, buildings and urban planning. The combination of renewable energy with good urban planning and design will enable us to drive forward a transition for a more resource efficient future.


RS Global collaborate and work with multidiscipline advisors in order to help governments build and create sustainable societies where people and nature flourish.

We believe in working to improve quality of life and that economic growth is the result of building innovative solutions.


RS Global work with international partners in order to facilitate the realization of large capital investment projects. These will traditionally be within infrastructure projects such as road & motorway, bridges, tunnels, ports & marine, railway, office buildings and urban design.


RS Global is partnering with leading suppliers and manufacturers of environmentally friendly and efficient methods of performing de-icing, de-sanding, washing and inspections of aircrafts.

By combining existing and new technology we work with our partners in order to commercialize technology solutions for the aviation industry.

Industrial & manufacturing

RS Global is working with commercialization of new technology and facilitating the supply of equipment, services and software from leading suppliers in the industry.

Through our global network we offer strategic selling of high-tech equipment, services and technology. We have a special focus on green energy as well as supplying environmentally friendly products to the oil & gas industry, offshore topside and subsea markets.

We offer a global network of sales and partner representation in combination with leading technology and world class performers in any industry with delivery of effective market penetration in various industries.